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Inventory value -report
Inventory value -report

The Inventory value report allows you to see the value of the products in your inventory.

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How is the inventory value calculated?

Inventory value is based on the stock amounts and purchase prices you set for your products. Depending on the prices set for the products, the report determines the value as follows:

  1. First, the report checks whether an inventory price has been set for the product in stock. The inventory price can be set by going to "Products > Inventory > Click a product > Inventory price."

  2. If there is no inventory price, it uses the purchase price set in the inventory. The purchase price set in the inventory can be found under "Products > Inventory > Click on a product > Tax Free Purchase Price."

  3. If no purchase price is set in the inventory, it will check the purchase price in the product's details. The purchase price set for your product can be found in "Products > Open a product > Pricing: Tax free purchase price."

Creating a stock report

  1. Go to Reports.

  2. Select Inventory value report.

  3. Select the report type (HTML/CSS).

  4. Set the date in the To field. The report will use the inventory balances of the selected date.

  5. Select the inventory you want to use in the report.

  6. Select whether or not to include the archived items in the report.

  7. Click Create Report.

Once the report is created, you will be notified, and a Download button will appear on the page to download the report.

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