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Gift card open balance report
Gift card open balance report

Here's how you can create a report of the open balances of the gift cards you've sold for your customers.

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What is the Gift card open balance report?

The Gift card open balance report allows you to see how much of the balance of gift cards you have sold is unused. This information is useful for accounting purposes.

How to create the report

  1. Go to the Analytics section.

  2. Select the Gift card open balance report.

  3. Select the report type (HTML/CSV).

  4. Select the date of the report. The report will use the gift card balance on that date.

  5. Select whether the report will only use expired gift cards. In most situations, selecting only expired ones is a good idea because customers can still use the ones that have yet to expire.

  6. Click Create Report.

You will be notified when the report is ready, and then you can download it to your device by clicking the Download button.

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