Theme customization - Basics

You can customize the online store's theme by adding your own content there and editing its settings such as colors or fonts.

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Some of the features presented in the article are only available in themes released in 2024 or later. If you need further assistance with your theme, please contact our customer service.

Themes' features

In this article, we generally go through the theme editing view and its functionalities. For more detailed information about the features of Finqun themes, you can read the Theme's Features guide.

Where can you edit the theme?

  1. From the left, go to Online store.

  2. Click the Edit button at the top of the page.

Editing theme on different devices

The advice in this guide is applicable for theme customization on a larger computer screen. The same functions are available on a phone or other smaller device as well, but please note that some buttons or menus may be located in different places, such as at the bottom of the page.

The editing view

Main menu

When using a computer, you'll find a black main menu at the top of the page. The main menu includes the following functions from left to right:

  1. From the Dismiss button, you can exit the theme editor

  2. The Menu button allows you to open or close the left menu.

  3. Color palette button allows you to select a color scheme for the theme.

  4. πŸ‘οΈ icon allows you to preview changes. This opens the store in a new tab in your browser.

  5. Frontpage menu allows you to select the page you want to edit.

  6. Draft menu allows you to discard changes. Note: this menu appears only if you have made changes to the theme.

  7. Arrow buttons allow you to undo or redo the last action.

  8. Save button allows you to save the changes you've made, making them visible publicly.

Left menu

The settings in the left menu include general theme settings as well as settings for colors and fonts, for example. Please note that settings may vary depending on the theme. If you don't see the left menu, you can bring it up by clicking the Menu button at the top.

In the Page Sections section, you can see the sections added to the page you're editing. You can arrange sections by dragging and dropping, or modify their visibility by clicking the eye icon.

At the bottom of the left menu, you'll find the Theme Information section, where you can:

  • View the theme name and version number.

  • Edit the theme translations.

  • Edit the theme source code.

  • Open the theme-specific guide.

Adding and Editing Page Sections

The largest area of the editing view displays the content of the page you're editing, which is selected from the top (e.g., homepage). You can edit page sections using the following functions:

  • Use the + icon to add new sections to the page.

  • Click on the button with the section name to edit the section settings.

  • Use the Copy and arrow buttons to duplicate or move the section up or down on the page.

  • Clicking on the trash can icon allows you to delete the section from the page.

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