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Products' search engine optimization
Products' search engine optimization

In this article, you can learn the basics of optimizing your products for Google and other search engines.

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General tips

When adding new products to your online shop, it is important to pay attention to search engines and how they see your products. By adding relevant information to your products, you can increase their chances of showing up in Google search results. For example, you can think about what words or phrases people might use when searching for your products online. If necessary, you can also do more detailed keyword research to find the right words.

Search engine optimization is a broad topic, and this article will only cover how you can customize the information that affects search engine optimization in the online store. I recommend you familiarise yourself with the topic further online. For example, Google's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide is a comprehensive and reliable source of information. There are also various training courses where you can learn about search engines.

The advice in this article can also be applied to other areas besides products. The basics of optimization are similar, whether for products, product groups, or individual pages. They are all, after all, pages on the Internet.

Product's name and description

There is a separate Search Engine View section on the product page, but be sure to also pay attention to the product name and description. The product name is usually the main headline of the product page (an important thing for Google). The product description, on the other hand, is the body text on the page, which Google uses to determine the page's content.

Search engine view section

In the Search Engine View section, you can set the following information for a product:

  • In the SEO Title field, you can fill in a title for search engines. It appears in Google's search results and is also displayed in the user's browser tab. A good maximum length for the title is 70 characters. There is a length indicator (red/green) to the right of the field. If the indicator is green, the length is good.

  • In the SEO Meta description field, you can add a description for search engines. It usually appears in Google search results, but Google may also use other text on the page if it better matches the user's search. A good length for a meta description is around 160 characters.

  • In the Page name in URL field, you can specify the name that appears at the end of the URL of the product page. For example, it might look like this:

  • In the Keywords field, you can specify keywords that customers can use to search for your products. Separate the words with commas as follows: keyword1, second keyword, third keyword, etc... These days, keywords don't matter much to Google, but it's good to fill in keywords for in-store product searches.

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