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Online store's name, logo and contact information
Online store's name, logo and contact information

Learn how to edit your sales channel's basic information, such as the name of your online store or your contact details.

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Where can I find the basic information?

You can find your sales channel details by going to Online Store > Company.

Online store's information

  • The Sales Channel Name will be displayed to your customers in emails sent by your online store or in Google search results, for example.

  • In the Organization Category menu, you can tell what services or products you offer. This information is not visible to customers. It is for statistical purposes only.

  • In the Logo section, you can set the logo for your online shop. It will be used on the checkout page of your online store and printouts and emails sent by your online store.

  • A Favicon is a small icon that appears on a tab in a customer's web browser or as a bookmark on a customer's device. Favicon is also used as your website's logo when it appears on Google search results.

  • In the Contact Information section, you can add your merchant's contact details, which your customers will see in the store, messages, and printouts.

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