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A new release of the Finqu POS web app was published in June 2021. You can access the new version by going to https://pos-beta.finqu.com.

New features

  • Customizable desktop. You can choose which actions/products/categories are on your desktop and drag them to the order that best suits your needs.

  • Swipe actions. You can easily switch between desktop and product search by swiping to the left or right. Removing products/customer information is also faster by simply swiping them to the left.

  • Device icons at the bottom. From the small icons at the bottom, you can rapidly check the connections to the devices you are using, such as Star mPop cash register, bar code scanners, or receipt printers. There's an icon also for payment terminals waiting for them to be released in August 2021.

  • Straightforward device settings. Connecting to devices is now much easier. You can find comprehensive device settings by going to the settings section in the left menu.

  • Product model number or GTIN code visibility. If necessary, POS can show products' model numbers or GTIN codes on the product search. (left menu > settings > general settings > product information).

  • Quick select in product options. It's now faster to add those products to the shopping cart that include only one option. You can turn on the quick select by going to the left menu > settings > general settings > quick select.

  • Automatic fulfillment. You can switch on automatic fulfillment, and then all the sales made via POS will be fulfilled automatically. (left menu > settings > general settings > automatic fulfillment).

  • Editing / fulfilling orders. Now you can edit or fulfill orders in POS without having to go to Finqu admin (left menu > sales).

  • Improved charge dialog. A new, improved charge dialog opens quickly at the center of the POS page. In addition, the charged amounts for multiple payment methods are shown more clearly.

  • Out of stock notification for product options. The shopping cart now shows the out-of-stock notification separately for each product option (e.g., colors).

  • Chat support added to the POS. You can access support quicker by clicking Support-link on the left menu of Finqu POS.

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