Mailchimp is a popular service for sending newsletters or marketing emails.

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About Mailchimp

You can read more about Mailchimp on their website at

Installing the Mailchimp app

  1. Choose Apps from the menu at the top right corner.

  2. Click on the Install app button.

  3. Click on Mailchimp.

  4. Click on the Install app button.

  5. The app needs access to your Finqu account. Click on the Allow access button to continue installing the app.

Connecting the app to Mailchimp

After the app is installed, you'll be redirected to the Mailchimp app. You can connect the app to your Mailchimp account by clicking Connect on the page. Then log in to your Mailchimp account, and the connection will be created in the background.

Mailchimp app's settings

Subscribers list

You can choose a default list where your subscribers will be synchronized in Mailchimp. You can create a new list for Mailchimp by clicking the +-sign on the menu's right side.

Automatic synchronization

The Automatic synchronization switch lets you choose whether subscribers are synchronized automatically to Mailchimp or not. In most cases, it's convenient to keep this setting on because then you don't need to synchronize emails manually.

If you already have a subscribers list in Finqu (before you installed the app), you need to make one manual synchronization to transfer those older subscribers to Mailchimp. See the instruction below.

Manual synchronization

The Manual synchronization section in Mailchimp app allows you to synchronize subscribers manually. First, choose the Mailchimp list where you want to synchronize, and next, choose the online store whose subscribers will be synchronized. After you've made the choices, click Synchronize. Synchronization might sometimes take longer. If you need to, you can leave the page and do something else. The synchronization will continue in the background. Later you can return to the page, and there will be a small notification text if the synchronization was completed successfully.

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