The carts section gives you information about customer's incomplete orders.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 20th, 2022

About shopping carts

In section Sales > Carts, you can find all the incomplete shopping carts in your sales channel. A shopping cart is created every time a visitor on your site puts a product in the cart. In most cases, normal to have many incomplete carts.

Like regular orders, you can filter and search for shopping carts using the Filters menu and the search bar on top of the page.

The details of a shopping cart

You can open a cart's details by clicking it on the list. From the details, you can see, for example, which products the customer is buying and which payment method they have chosen. The available information on a shopping cart depends on what the customer has done in the store. Some carts might have only one product, and some contain the customer's full contact details. 

Product reservation time

On the Product reservation section of the shopping cart, you can see the products' reservation time. In an online store, there's a reservation time that you can configure in sales channels' settings. If the order is created in Finqu admin or Finqu POS, the products are reserved until the reservation is removed. 

You can remove the reservation by clicking Remove reservation. After the reservation is removed, an Extend button appears on the page. By clicking that, you can reserve products again for 30 more days.

Sending shopping carts to customers

If your Finqu subscription includes the Shopping cart sending feature, you can send the cart to the customer's email by clicking Send cart

Confirming the order in Finqu admin

You can confirm an order in Finqu admin by clicking the Place order button on the shopping cart's page. That might be necessary if a customer has paid the order, but the online store has not received confirmation from the payment service provider.

If you place an order manually, make sure that the payment is made. You can see payment details on the cart's payment section in Finqu admin or on the payment provider's extranet pages.