Online store's checkout page settings

In the online store's checkout page settings, you can change how the checkout page looks and functions.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 21st, 2022

You can edit your online store's checkout page settings in section Online store > Checkout. Below, you can see all the settings and their purposes:

  • A Background image will be behind all content, such as the contact details form.

  • The Theme selection lets you choose a general theme color for the checkout page. For example, it changes the buttons' colors on the page.

  • Into the Product reserve expiration field, you can define the products' reserve time. Products are reserved for customers every time they proceed to the checkout page.

  • From Display payment methods / Display shipping methods, you can choose whether the checkout page will show all payment/shipping methods or just the ones that are available. If you choose that all are shown, they will be visible, but the customer still cannot select all of them. Instead, the checkout page will show a notification to the customer that explains why some of the payment/shipping methods are not available.

  • The Coupon claim menu allows you to choose whether a discount coupon field is shown on the checkout page.

  • From the Allowed customer types menu, you can choose whether you sell to individuals, companies, or both.

  • The Enable multiple coupons in checkout switch lets you choose if customers can use several discount coupons in the same order.

  • The Show "Terms of delivery" checkbox switch shows the terms of delivery link/checkbox on the checkout page.

  • The Require customers consent for handling personal data switch adds a checkbox to the checkout page where customers have to consent for handling their personal data. When customers fill in their contact details on the checkout page, the data will be saved to your Finqu account. If you're selling in the EU, it's recommended to keep this setting on (because of the GDPR regulations).

  • The Show newsletter subscription switch adds a newsletter subscription checkbox that allows the customers to order your newsletter. If you don't use newsletters, it's good to switch this off.

  • The Allow separate shipping address allows your customers to add an alternative shipping address on the checkout page.

  • From the Translate button, you can edit all the texts, such as headings and info-texts, on the checkout page.

  • The Javascript section allows you to add custom javascript snippets to the checkout page or the thank-you page.