Creating printouts

You can create various printouts for orders, such as a receipt or an invoice.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 20th, 2022

How to create printouts

  1. Go to Sales > Orders.

  2. Find and open the order.

  3. Click Print and choose the printout from the menu.

  4. If necessary, fill in the details of the printout.

  5. Click Print.

The printing options

Depending on what you are printing, the system might ask you to fill in additional details.

  • From the Print menu, you can choose whether a standard printout or a custom printout is used.

  • In the Additional information to the printout field, you can add extra information (e.g., instructions on paying the invoice).

  • If you are printing a receipt, you can select Print in order currency. In that case, the receipt is printed in the currency that the customer has chosen in the online store. Otherwise, the receipts are printed in the merchant's currency.

  • If you are printing an invoice, you can add the Payment due in days (e.g., 14) and set the IBAN and the BIC code. It's not required to add these details if they are set to the payment method or the merchant account's contact information.

Address sticker for envelopes

The Address sticker printout is designed for envelopes. Address stickers are useful if you often send small items in envelopes and have a label printer. When you print an address sticker, you can choose its measurements and the font size for the address.

Printing several printouts simultaneously

If you want, you can print several printouts at the same time. Choose the last option in the Print menu (Print > Print). Next, a pdf file is created that includes all the printouts (receipt, packing list, return form, invoice)

Printing for multiple orders simultaneously

You can create printouts for several orders simultaneously in section Sales > Orders. Select the orders from the list. A Bulk actions menu will appear above the list. Choose Bulk actions > Mass printing. Choose the printouts, and click Done. Next, printouts will be created, and they will be downloaded into your computer in a single PDF file.