Here's how you can use vouchers in Finqu.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 21st, 2022

What is a voucher?

A voucher is a code that customers can give to get a discount on their order. Vouchers can be an effective way to encourage people to complete the purchase (e.g., "10% off with code XYZF!")

There are three kinds of vouchers available:

  • A voucher affects the total sum of the order.

  • A voucher to products affects only the products in the order.

  • A voucher to shipping costs affects only the shipping costs in the order.

How to add a voucher

  1. Go to Campaigns > Add a campaign.

  2. Choose the campaign type from the menu (see list above).

  3. Fill in the voucher's details (see list below).

  4. Click Save.

Filling in voucher details

  • Choose the Status of the campaign (pink = active, grey = inactive).

  • Type the name of the campaign into the Name field.

  • Choose the Discount type (a percentage or a fixed amount)

  • Set the discount amount into the Discount amount field.

  • Fill in the Order sum at least field if you want the campaign to work only when the order total exceeds a specific sum.

  • Set dates to the From and To fields to restrict the campaign to a specific time range.

  • Into the Discount code field, you can set the discount code that the customer needs to fill in on the checkout page to get the discount.

  • Into the Discount codes left field, you can define how many times the discount code can be used. If you leave the field blank, customers can use codes infinitely.

  • In the Restrictions section, you can restrict the voucher by sales channel, customer group, country, product group, or tags. The product group restriction is available only in the Voucher to products campaign.


Voucher field on the checkout page

When you use vouchers, ensure that the discount coupon field is turned on in your online store's checkout page settings.