Subscribing to Finqu

Learn how to subscribe to Finqu and continue using the service.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at May 19th, 2022

It's good to subscribe before your Finqu account's 14 days trial period ends.


Subscribing is simple. You can start by clicking the Pick a plan button at the bottom right corner.

Next, fill in your contact details, and pick the plan you want. After you have checked that all the information is correct, click Confirm.

In the final phase, you will be asked to fill in your card details or choose another payment method. When you have successfully added the payment details, the Finqu subscription will also be completed.


The monthly payment for using Finqu will be created on the first day of each month.

An example: If you subscribe on the 20th of April, Finqu will create the first payment on the 1st of May. The charge will automatically be made on the 8th day if you've filled in your card details while subscribing. You can find a receipt for each payment on the Account page.

Changing or canceling the plan

If necessary, you can change your plan anytime on the Account page. Click the Update your plan button at the top right corner and select a new plan. The new plan starts immediately after you've chosen it.

If you want to stop using Finqu, you can cancel your subscription by clicking the Cancel your subscription link on the Account page. There's a grace period that lasts until the end of the month, and on the first day of next month, your Finqu account will be closed.