Staff accounts

Here's how you can manage the staff accounts in Finqu.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 21st, 2022

You can create user accounts for your staff if they need to, for example, edit products or fulfill orders in your store. Users can also be divided into several user groups, where you can choose which data each group member has access to.

Here's how you can find the staff accounts section:

  1. Click the Account link at the top of the left menu.

  2. Click Staff from the left menu.

User groups

You need to add at least one user group before you can add users. The users will be attached to the user group later on, and it will define which information the user can access.

Here's how you can add a new user group:

  1. Go to Staff > Groups.

  2. Click Add group

  3. If you want to, you can select a predefined template for the user group from the Copy permissions from template menu. Or, you can define permissions manually (on step 6).

  4. Type a name for the user group.

  5. Select the sales channels that the user group members can access. If not selected, users will have access to all channels.

  6. In the Permission section, you can manually choose which data users can access. This will override the default settings if you selected a predefined template on step 3.

  7. Click Save.

Adding staff accounts

After the user group is created, you can add new staff accounts and attach them to the groups.

  1. Go to Staff > Accounts.

  2. Click Add account.

  3. Fill in the user's email address, first name, and last name.

  4. Choose the user group to where the user will be attached to.

  5. Click Order.

  6. After the user is created, they will get an email with instructions on how to log in to their Finqu account.