Using Klarna Checkout in Finqu - FAQ

Here are the most frequently asked questions about using Klarna Checkout in Finqu.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 28th, 2022

1. What is Klarna Checkout?

Klarna Checkout is a checkout solution for an online store. You can read more about Klarna Checkout on Klarna's web pages here.

2. Which payment methods are included in Klarna Checkout?

Available payment methods vary in different countries. More information about Payment methods in different countries is available in Klarnas documentation here.

You can also use Paypal and Gift cards simultaneously with Klarna Checkout.

3. Why does KCO ask for a customer's social security number when paying with an invoice or part payment?

Klarna needs to check the customer's identity if they choose to pay with an invoice or part payment. In Finqu, the social security number field is active by default on the checkout page, but you can hide it in section Settings > Payment methods > Klarna Checkout. Please notice that the checkout page will ask the customer's social security number anyway if the customer chooses to pay with an invoice or part payment. Other payment methods (bank transfer or card payment) won't require that information. 

4. How long does it take for payments to be enabled in my online store?

Subscribing with Finqu will also start the onboarding process for the Klarna Checkout. Normally it takes a couple of days for Klarna to process the application. After that, customers can pay with Klarna in your online store. 

You can follow the onboarding status on the Klarna app's page here, or, if necessary, you can always contact Klarna merchant support and ask them about the status of your application. 

5. Where can I give my bank account details for receiving payments?

You can find a Fill information button on the Klarna app's page. It will redirect you to Klarna's AML-form, where you can fill in your bank account details and also give information about your business' owners.

6. Why does Klarna ask for information about my business' owners?

Klarna is a bank, and in the EU, banks are required to collect information about business owners. That's why there's an AML-form (anti-money laundering), which you need to fill in by clicking the Fill information button on the Klarna app's page

You can find more information about the AML form on Klarna's pages here.

7. How often does Klarna transfer customers' payments to me?

Klarna pays you once a week. The settlements are usually made at the beginning of each week, which means that the money should be in your account by Tuesday or Wednesday.

The payment includes the orders that are fulfilled in the last week. Please notice that you should fulfill every order in Finqu to receive payments from Klarna. 

8. Why haven't I received any payments from Klarna?

The following reasons might cause the lack of payments:

  • You haven't yet filled in the AML form, or Klarna has not yet processed it. It's required that you fill it in before Klarna can transfer funds to your business. You can find the form by clicking the Fill information button on the Klarna app's page here.

  • The orders aren't fulfilled. You should fulfill the orders by following the instructions in the Fulfilling an order article in Finqu's help center. The funds for the fulfilled orders will be paid to you next week.

If necessary, you can inquire about payments also from the Klarna merchant support.

9. What does the Authorization expires date mean?

When a customer confirms an order in your store, Klarna first creates an authorization for the payment. Later, when you fulfill the order and send the merchandise to the customer, the order will be captured. By default, the authorization is valid for 28 days which means that you have 28 days to capture the order. If it takes longer for you to send the items to the customer, you can extend the authorization time.

In order to extend the authorization time, you first need to ask for it from Klarna merchant support. If it's ok for Klarna, you can extend the time by clicking the gear icon on the payment (on the order page) and then the Extend button.

10. How can I remove the authorization?

If a customer wants to cancel the order before it's fulfilled, it's also good to remove the payment authorization at the same time. If the payment is made in an online bank or card, Klarna will not refund the payment to the customer until the authorization is removed or ended. 

You can remove the authorization by following these steps:

  1. Click the gear icon on the Klarna payment details on the order page.

  2. Switch the automatic capture off and click Close.

  3. Click Refund.

  4. Click Cancel order.

11. How can I refund the payment to the customer?

How refunds can be made depends on the order's status.

  • If the order is fulfilled, you can create a return for the order. It creates a refund to the Klarna payment automatically. After the return is made, you can also check that refund to the payment is created properly. If it's ok, you should see a Refunded row in the Klarna payment.

  • If the order is not fulfilled, you can cancel the order. After cancellation, also remember to remove that authorization from the payment.

  • If the order shows a notification that the automatic capture is turned off, you can click the Refund button on the notification. It allows you to create a refund or remove the authorization if payment is not captured yet.

12. What should I do if the automatic capturing is turned off?

If you've edited an order paid with Klarna, the automatic capturing will turn itself off. It does that because the sums in the order don't necessarily match the sums in Klarna's service. Therefore it cannot be automatically captured anymore. 

When the automatic capturing is turned off, you need to do it manually. You'll find a Capture button at the bottom of the notification. If necessary, you can also create refunds (Refund button) or edit the payment sums (blue Edit order link).

13. Where can I log in to Klarna's merchant portal?

If you have trouble logging in, Klarna merchant support can help you.

14. How can I contact Klarna's merchant support?

You can find Klarna's contact details on Klarna's website here: