Settings in a B2B online store

Learn how to edit your online store's B2B settings.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 21st, 2022

1. B2B features in an online store

When opening a B2B online store, it's good to think about these two questions below:

  1. Is the online store limited only to approved customers? In Finqu, you can restrict your online store so that only approved customers can make purchases. If that's the case in your store, please read more about these restrictions in sections 2 and 3.

  2. Do you want to show prices without taxes? Usually, it's common to show prices without VAT in B2B sales. In section 4, you can learn how to show prices without VAT in your online store. 

2. Customer account settings

In the online store's section Online store > Settings, you can find a Customer accounts menu to choose who can buy and see products in your online store. 

If you also select the option Allow store browsing without a customer account, anyone can see the products in the store. However, they still cannot buy them (also, the prices won't be visible to others than accepted customers).

3. Managing user rights

Each time a new customer registers to your online store, you'll receive a notification. After that, you can give rights to that user by following these steps:

  1. Go to Customers > Customer accounts.

  2. Select the customer that you want to give rights to.

  3. Click Bulk actions > Give user rights.

  4. Click Confirm.

If necessary, you can also remove user rights later by doing the same thing, but in phase 3, you need to select Remove user rights instead of giving them. 


4. Showing the prices without VAT

In your online store's theme settings, you can choose whether customers see the prices with or without value-added tax. You can find your theme's settings by going to "Online store > Design > Edit". There's a left menu that includes themes settings and the VAT setting.