Setting up shipping rates

The shipping rates can base, for example, on the order's weight.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 21st, 2022


This article shows how to add shipping fees without the Parcel assistant feature switched on. If you are using Parcel assistant, please follow the instructions on the Parcel assistant article.

Setting up shipping rates

  1. Go to Settings > Shipping methods.

  2. Open the shipping method.

  3. Choose the VAT from the Tax class menu.

  4. Choose Price basis (more information on price bases below).

  5. Set the prices to the Pricing table (more details below).

  6. After you have set the prices to the table, click Save.

Price basis and price table

Shipping fees often have a certain price basis. If you want to base the prices, for example, on the order's total weight, choose kg or g from the price basis menu.

After choosing the price basis, you can fill in the limits and prices in the price table. The first row is the base delivery fee that will be at least charged from the customer.

You can add new rows to the price table by clicking Add row. Into those new rows, you can set other prices. For example, if the products weigh 500 at least grams, the price is, etc...

Fixed shipping fees

If you want to use only one fixed shipping fee, set the price to the first row in the table. Then the price will always be the same no matter what the order weighs or which price basis you have chosen.