Restrictions in payment methods

If necessary, you can add restrictions to payment methods, such as restrictions based on customers' country or the products in the order.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 21st, 2022

You can add restrictions to payment methods by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Payment methods.

  2. Open the payment method that you need to restrict.

  3. Go to the Restrictions section on the page.

  4. Choose the restrictions you want to use.

  5. Click Save.

A payment method can have one or more of the restrictions listed below:

  • Minimum and maximum¬†sum of the order.

  • Country (customer's country).

  • Customer group restriction limits the payment method from the customers belonging to the chosen group or who are not logged in.

  • Product and Product group selections restrict the payment method if the shopping cart includes some of the chosen products or products from the selected product groups.

  • Available / Not available tags restrict the payment if the order has products with chosen tags.