Online store's settings

In the online store's general settings, you can define how your store functions.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 21st, 2022

Here is a list of general settings for a Finqu online store. You can find the settings by going to Online store > Settings. If you can't find a specific setting, you can take a look at the theme's instructions or contact Finqu support.

  • Into the Password field, you can define a password for your web pages (if your online store's status is closed and you want someone else to see it).

  • Into the Google reCaptcha fields, you can set Google recaptcha's API-keys.

  • Into the Session expiration field, you can define the length of your online store's session. This affects, for example, how long products will be held in customers' shopping carts.

  • From the Cookie policy menu, you can choose your online store's cookie policy.

  • From the Customer accounts menu, you can choose whether the customer account features (register/login) are in use in your store.

  • Into the Time, until which a product will be shown as new field, you can define how long a product will be show as new in the online store.

  • From the Product group default sort order menu, you can choose products' default order in product groups.

  • From the Product reviews menu, you can choose how the product review feature functions in your online store. 

  • The Enable analytics switch allows the online store to collect data from visitors. This should be turned on if you use Finqu's analytics.