Cookie settings

Here's how you can control how cookies work in your online store.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 21st, 2022

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text snippets that the online store (or third-party services) save on a user's device.

They are used for several purposes such as:

  • Maintaining online store's basic functionalities like the shopping cart

  • Online store's analytics

  • Targeting ads to site's visitors

In several countries, cookies need consent from the user visiting the site.

Cookie notice in the online store

In the online store, there is a ready-to-use cookie notice at the bottom of the page, where customers can choose which cookies they accept:

  1. When a user enters the website for the first time, only necessary cookies are saved on their device.

  2. Next, a user will see a cookie consent notice to select whether they accept all or only necessary cookies.

Later on, the customer can change the settings and decide not to accept all cookies. They can do that by clicking a link at the bottom of the page and choosing only necessary cookies. 

Necessary and not necessary cookies

By default, the online store adds only necessary cookies to a user's device, such as cookies that maintain the shopping cart's contents or a user's language selection. Finqu Analytics feature is not necessary for the online store's basic functionality, and therefore it needs a user's consent in the online store's cookie consent notice.

In addition to the online store's default cookies, there can also be other cookies from third-party services. With those, you can decide whether they are necessary or not necessary for the online store. 

Managing third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are created if you are using, for example, Google Analytics or Facebook pixel in your online store.

These third-party services are usually integrated into the online store with a javascript code in Online store > Snippets > Javascript. When you add a javascript snippet to the online store, you can choose its purpose from the menu above the snippet. If you choose Not necessary, the online store will only execute the code snippet if the user has allowed all cookies.