Online store's automated emails

Get familiar with automated messages that your online store sends to your customers.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 21st, 2022

An online store sends various automated messages to customers. In section Settings > Prints and messages > Messages, you can choose which messages are sent and under what circumstances. Next to the message's name, you can find a pink or gray switch. If it's pink, the message is active and will be sent to your customers.

Message settings

You can open each message's settings by clicking its name on the list, and after that, you can edit following settings:

In the Message content section, you can preview the message and edit its translations and source code. More specific information about editing messages is available on Finqu's documentation:

In the Attachments section, you can attach PDF files to the email.

In the Prints section, you can attach printouts to the message, such as an invoice or a receipt.

In the Message delivery settings, you can define more precisely when the message is sent. There you can also order a copy of the message to your inbox.

Custom messages

Some Finqu plans include a custom messages feature that allows you to create your own custom messages. You can find more information about creating these messages in the Creating own messages -article.