Inventory value report

You can check the total value of your inventory by creating an inventory value report.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 21st, 2022

How is the inventory value calculated?

The inventory value is based on the inventory and purchase prices you have set for your products. Depending on how the prices are set, the report determines the values in the following order.

  1. First, it checks if there's an inventory price set for the product in the inventory.
  2. If there's no inventory price, it uses the purchase price in the inventory.
  3. If the product has no purchase price in the inventory, it checks the purchase price on the product's pricing section.

How to create an inventory report

  1. Click the Account link at the top of the left menu.

  2. Go to the Reports section on the left menu.

  3. Choose Inventory value from the dropdown menu.

  4. Choose the report type (html / css).

  5. Set a date into the To field. The report will use the stock balances of the chosen date.

  6. Choose the Inventory that you want to use in the report.

  7. Choose whether archived products are included in the report or not.

  8. Click Create report.

After the report is created, you'll get a notification, and a Download link will appear on the page where you can download the report.