Product SEO optimization

Learn how to SEO optimize your product information.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 20th, 2022

Common tips

When you add new products to the online store, it's essential to pay attention to search engines and how they see your products. By adding relevant information to your products, you can increase their chances of showing up in the Google search results. One good practice is to think about what words or phrases people might use when searching for the product online. It might also be good to perform keyword research to find out the right words. 

Search engine optimization is a vast subject, and this article can only provide you with some basic tips. If you want to dive deeper into the SEO world, it could be a good idea to look for partners online who can offer you SEO services or attend courses about SEO. Whether you do the SEO yourself or leave it to others, it is always good to know its basics. For example, Google's SEO Beginners guide is a good and reliable source of information.

This article contains advice concerning products only, but also remember to optimize the product groups and pages in your online store.

Product's name and description

The product page has a Search engine optimization section, but also remember to pay attention to the product's name and description. The product name is usually the main H1 heading on the product page (it might vary in different themes). The product description is the main text on the page that Google bots also look very carefully.

The SEO section

On the search engine optimization section, you can fill in the following information:

  • Into the SEO Title field, you can fill in the title for search engines. It's shown in Google search results, and it's also visible on a user's browser tab. A good maximum length for an SEO title is 70 characters. You can find an indicator for the length on the right side of the field. If the indicator is green, the length is ok.

  • Into the SEO Meta description field, you can add a description for search engines. It's usually shown on the Google search results, but Google might also use some other texts on the page if they match the user's search better. A good length for a meta description is approximately 160 characters, and there's a similar length indicator for this field as well.

  • The Page name in URL field allows you to set a name shown at the end of the URL of the product page. For example, it can look like this:

  • Into the Keywords field, you can set words that customers might use when they search your products. Separate the words with commas in the following way: Keyword1, another keyword, third keyword, etc...
    Notice: Keywords affect only the store's internal search function. These days they have very small or no effect on the Google search.