Linking related, similar and compatible products

Learn how to link products in your online store.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 20th, 2022

What are linked products?

When you add new products, you can attach other related, similar, and compatible products to them. The online store shows the linked products on the product page, making it easy for customers to look at alternative products.

In this article, we'll show you how to add linked products, and we will also go through what these different types of linked products (related/similar/compatible) usually mean.

Choosing linked products

  1. Go to the Products section.

  2. Open the product that you want to link with other products.

  3. Choose the linked products in the Linked products section.

  4. Click Save.

Different types of linked products

  • A related product can have, for example, a different color, but otherwise, be ultimately the same kind of merchandise.

  • A similar product is something that customers might also be interested in. It could be, for example, another smartphone with almost identical technical specifications.

  • A compatible product is a product that is somehow compatible with the product that the customer is looking at. For example, it could be a charger compatible with the smartphone that the customer is buying.