Basic product information

Learn how to edit the basic information of your products.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 20th, 2022

Filling in the basic information

You can start adding new products by filling in the basic information. We recommend filling in all the available information because it helps you maintain your products later. For example, if your products have GTIN codes, you can quickly find them by using a barcode scanner when you're taking inventory.

Product's status

At the top right-hand corner of the basic information, there is a menu where you can change the product's status. By default, the status is Published, but you can change it to Hidden or Preview.

Preview status means that the product is visible on the online store, but it cannot be purchased. It's useful, for example, when you need to further negotiate about delivery and prices with the customer.

Name and description

It's always a good practice to think carefully about the Name and Description of the product. A good name often gets the customer to look at the product, and a carefully written description has a big effect on whether the customer buys the product. So it's helpful to spend some time thinking about what customers are looking for and what questions they might have about the product.

The product name is shown on the online store as the main heading (H1 heading). Therefore, adding another H1 heading to the product's description is unnecessary. You can always use smaller headings (H2, H3) to make the description more readable for your customers.

The short description is a shorter version of the product's description. You can write a summary of the product there; approximately 160 characters is a good length. Depending on your online store's theme, the short description might be visible on the product page or the product lists, and it can also be used as meta-information for third-party services.

The small red or green dot on the right side of the name and short description tells you if the text matches the recommended length. Recommendations are based on Google's recommendations for website headings and meta-information.


You can set the GTIN code of the product into the GTIN field, such as an EAN-code.

Product identification

The product identification field is used for the model number or other unique number for the product. If you are selling, for example, spare parts for cars, it's common to use these exact model numbers to make sure that the part matches the vehicle.


From the Manufacturer menu, you can choose a manufacturer for the product. If you haven't yet added the manufacturer to Finqu, you can do it by clicking the +-button on the menu's right side.

You can edit previously added manufacturers from your merchant account by following the instructions in the Manufacturers article.

Product categories

From the Product categories menu, you can attach the product into one or several product categories. You create a new category by clicking the +-button.

You can read more about using categories in the Product categories article.