Archived products

Archiving unused products makes it easier for you to manage your product catalog.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 20th, 2022

You can archive the products that you don't sell or use at the moment. Archived products are not visible on product lists in the admin pages, making it easier to manage the products you are selling. If necessary, you can revert the products later and continue selling them.

How to archive a product

  1. Go to the Products section.

  2. Open the product that you want to archive.

  3. Click Archive.

  4. Click Confirm.

How to revert a product from the archive

  1. Go to Products > Products.

  2. Click Filters and choose the Status filter.

  3. A new Status menu will appear on the page. Choose Archived from that menu.

  4. Click Search.

  5. Open the product that you want to revert from the archive.

  6. Click Revert.