Order's payment method

You can manage payment details such as payment status and payment events on the order page.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 20th, 2022

When fulfilling orders, it's good to pay attention to the payment method. There is a Payment section in each order, where you can see which payment method the customer has chosen and the status of the payment. On top of the section, you can see the payment service that the customer has used (e.g., Klarna Checkout or Paypal). 

Payment status

You can change the payment status from the Change status menu. The status also changes automatically when the payment service sends requests to the online store. Often it is not necessary to adjust the status manually. 

If you use a custom payment method such as an invoice, the status is, by default Pending. In this case, it's helpful to manually keep the status up to date. For example, you can change it to Paid when you notice that the customer has paid the invoice.

Charges and refunds

The charges and refunds for payments are processed either automatically or manually - it depends on the payment service provider and its integration to Finqu. In some payment methods (e.g., Klarna Checkout), you can make all the changes to the payment in Finqu admin.

For more detailed information on payments, see the payment application's instructions.

Monitoring payment events

Each payment includes a list of payment events that you can see by clicking the Show events link. There you can see, e.g., when the customer has been forwarded to the payment service and what requests the payment service has sent to the online store. These events might be helpful if the customer is facing some issues with the payment.