Orders FAQ

On this page, you can find answers to the most common challenges and frequently asked questions concerning orders.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 20th, 2022

A customer can't confirm the order.

If a customer contacts you and has problems confirming the order, it's good to know where the problem occurs. For example, you could ask the following details from the customer:

  • Did the customer manage to proceed to the checkout page and fill in their details?

  • Was the customer able to choose payment/delivery methods on the checkout page?

  • Were there some issues with the payment? If there was, in what phase did the problems occur?

If the customer has filled in their contact details, you can also look for their shopping cart by going to Orders > Carts. In an incomplete shopping cart, you can see which products the customer is buying and which payment or shipping method they've chosen on the checkout page. 

If the problem is related to the payment, you can log in to your payment service provider's site and check the payment details. Your provider has better resources to help you with payment-related problems, so it might be a good idea to ask also there.

If you're unsure whether all your payment- and delivery settings are correct, you could also make a test purchase and test buying the same products that your customer is trying to purchase.

I cannot find the customer's order in Finqu admin.

If a customer contacts you about their order, but you cannot find it in the Orders section, you can also look for it in the Sales > Carts section. It might be that the customer has not been able to return to the online store after the payment, and that's why the order is not confirmed yet. 

If the payment is ok, the payment service usually sends a delayed notification, which confirms the order.

But if the order won't appear on the orders section, it might be a good idea to check the payment status from your payment service provider (either on their pages or by contacting their customer support). They can see more details about your customers' payments. 

If necessary, you can manually confirm a shopping cart in Finqu admin by clicking the Confirm order button in the shopping cart. But it's always good to check that the payment is ok before confirming the order and delivering products to the customer.

Delivery methods won't show up on the checkout page

If a delivery method won't show up on your online store's checkout page, it's good to check the delivery method's settings. The problem might be related to one of the following matters:

  • The delivery method is inactive. Check that it's active on the Settings > Shipping methods section.

  • There's a restriction in the delivery method that restricts it from the checkout page. The limit can be based, e.g., orders total sum, products' total weight, or totally restricted from certain products or categories. More information: Restrictions in shipping methods

  • The customer's address might also affect the delivery method's visibility. Some simple typo on the address could also prohibit the correct pick-up-points from being listed on the delivery method.

Tip: By default, the store doesn't show restricted delivery methods. However, you can change the checkout page settings to show the restricted delivery methods and an error message about why the customer cannot choose them. You can change this setting by going to Settings > Checkout, selecting Display shipping methods > Display all shipping methods

A product's price is faulty in the order.

If a product's price is not correct in the order, it's good to check the following things:

  1. Is the price set correctly for the product?

  2. Is the VAT correct?

  3. Is there a discount or bulk discount that could affect the price?

  4. Were there any general discounts active in your store when the product was added to the shopping cart?

  5. Does the customer belong to a customer group, and are there any discounts/campaigns dedicated to that customer group?

  6. Was the customer logged in to the online store when they made the purchase?

Notice: A product's price on the order is set when added to the shopping cart. If there have been discounts/campaigns at that moment, they can affect the product's purchase price. Each order has a log at the bottom of the page where you can check the date and time when the product was added to the cart. 

The shipping fee is incorrect in the order.

If the shipping costs are incorrect, it's good to check the shipping method's pricing settings and the products included in the order. For example, if the shipping rate is based on the products' weights, check that each product has a proper weight. If the shipping fee is missing, there might be a mistake on the free delivery limit.

If you're using the Parcel assistant feature, please check that all the weights and measurements are set correctly for your products and the parcels in the shipping method's settings.

Discounts were not added to the order

If a discount is not added to the order, ensure that the discount was valid when the product was added to the shopping cart. At the bottom of each order, you can see a log that tells you when the customer added the products to the cart.

If the discount has some restrictions, such as product or category restrictions, it's good to recheck them and make sure they are defined correctly. If discounts are restricted to a particular customer group, ensure that the customer was logged in when purchasing. 

I cannot edit an order

You can edit the order (products/customers information) as long as the order is unfulfilled. You can see an Unfulfilled badge on the top of the order page if it's unfulfilled.

If you've already fulfilled the order and you need to make some changes to it, you can choose one of the following options:

  • You can copy the order and cancel the original order. But pay attention to the payment that is connected to the original order. Make sure that the new order can be later connected to the payment. For example, you can add the payer's name, the number of the original order, or the date/time of the payment to the receipt in the new order.

  • If the customer wants to cancel some of the products and the order is already fulfilled, you can always create returns

I'm not able to create a shipping label.

If you are using a delivery app, you can create shipping labels simultaneously when you are creating shipments for your orders.

When creating shipments, it's good to check that the parcels' information is correct (measurements/weights). When those are set, there should be a list of shipment services underneath the parcel's information. If you're not able to see any services, there is usually an error message that tells you the reason for that. If no error is shown, it might also be a temporary glitch in the shipping service you're using, and it may work if you try again later. 

A customer didn't receive a confirmation email.

When the message settings are correctly configured, the online store automatically sends an order received message and other messages to the customer. If a customer has not received any messages, the reason for that might be one of the following:

  • The customer's order hasn't been confirmed yet (see the question I cannot find the customer's order).

  • There is a fault in the message settings that stops the messages from being sent correctly.

The message sending is based on the status of the orders and other possible restrictions in the automatic sending preferences. The Automated emails article includes information on how to change those settings. It's good to check that the message is active in the settings and that the restrictions are set up correctly.

Automated emails also require filling in your merchant account's contact details. At least you should set your email address because it is used as a reply email on automated emails.

If all the settings are ok and the message shows up on the order page (in the sent messages section), make sure that it has not ended up in the spam folder of your customer's email. Online store's automated emails can always be interpreted as spam, although it's pretty rare.

How do I cancel an order or process product returns?

A customer might want to cancel the order or just some products in the order. Usually, it's one of the following situations:

  1. If the customer wants to cancel the whole order before it's fulfilled, please follow the Canceling an order -article.

  2. If the customer wants to cancel some of the products before the order is fulfilled, you can edit the order. Remember also to make the required changes to the payment.
    - If the customer has paid with Klarna, you can manually charge the correct sum after editing the order.
    - If the customer has used some other payment method, you can make changes to the payment on your payment service provider's pages.

  3. If the customer wants to cancel the order or some products in the order and you've already fulfilled the order, you can create a return to the order.

A customer wants to switch a product in the order.

A customer might want to change some of the products in the order. You can manage product changes in one of the following ways:

  • If the order is not yet fulfilled, you can edit the order.

  • If the order is fulfilled, you can:
    a) Create a return for the products that the customer wants to change and after that create a new order with the new products in it or
    b) create a return for the whole order, copy the order as a new one, and then make the required changes there.

Always remember to check that the payment is charged correctly:

  • If the payment method is Klarna and you edit the original order, there will be a separate Charge button on the payment method that you can use to charge the correct sum from your customer.

  • If the payment method is Klarna and you make returns to the original order, you can switch off the automatic captures before creating returns. When it's turned off, you can manually make all the required changes in the Klarna payment either in Finqu or the Klarna merchant portal. You can find the automatic capture setting by clicking the gear icon on the order page's payment method.

  • If the order is paid with another payment method other than Klarna, you can make the required changes on your payment service provider's pages.

How can I refund payments to customers?

Returning payments to your customer depends on the payment service and the fulfillment status of the order.

If the payment is made with Klarna:

  • If the customer has paid with Klarna and the order is not yet fulfilled, cancel the order by following the Canceling an order article. Notice: Remember to remove the payment authorization, which is also instructed in the article.

  • If the customer has paid with Klarna and the order is fulfilled, you can create a return to the order. When a return is created, the payment will also be refunded automatically. You can check the refunded amount after the return is made. It should show up on the Klarna box in the original order.

Other payment methods:

If the customer has used some other payment method than Klarna, you can refund the payment on your payment service provider's pages. Your provider can give you credentials that you can use to log in to their service.

If the order was paid with one of your own payment methods (such as an invoice or bank transfer), you could refund the customer in the most convenient way for you and your customer, such as paying the sum directly to the customer's bank account.