Creating returns

Learn how to create returns for orders.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 20th, 2022

About creating returns

If a customer wants to return products, you can create a return on the order page. By doing that, you can keep the sales report up to date and, if necessary, revert the stock amounts to their original values.

You can create a return after the order is fulfilled. If the customer wants to cancel the order before it's fulfilled, you can cancel the order. Or, if the customer wants to cancel only some products (before fulfillment), you can edit the order and then fulfill the order with the new products.

How to create a return

  1. Go to Sales > Orders.

  2. Find and open the order.

  3. Click Create return.

  4. Choose the products to be returned and fill in their details (see list below).

  5. Choose the Order status after return.

  6. Click Return.

The details of the returned products

When you mark products as returned, you can add the following details into them:

  • Into the Quantity field, you can set the quantity of the returned products.

  • Into the Sum field, you can set the price of the returned products. By default, it is counted from the quantity and price of the product, but you can also adjust it manually.

  • Choose a reason for the return from the Reason menu.

  • From the Type menu, you can choose a return type. The type determines whether stock amounts are reverted or not. You can choose one of the following types:
    - Choose Return to inventory if you can resell the products to other customers. (This will revert the stock amount).
    - Choose Check if you need to check the products after they have been returned. (This will not revert stock amount).
    - Choose Repair if the products need some repair. (This will not revert the stock amount).
    - Choose Wastage if you cannot resell the products. (This will not revert the stock amount).

  • You can write a description of the returned product in the Description field.

Refunding the payment for the customer

If you use Klarna Checkout, a refund for the payment will be created automatically. You can ensure that the refund is correct by looking at the original order's payment section. There should be a refund row with the refunded sum on it.

If you use another payment service, such as Paypal, you can make the refund manually in the provider's service.