Order management

The Sales section in Finqu allows you to manage orders, incomplete shopping carts, refunds, and purchased gift cards.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 20th, 2022

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In the Sales > Orders section, you can see all the received orders in your sales channel.

You can search for orders by using the search function above the list. You can search either by using the customer's name or the order number (e.g., #1234). At the top of the page, there's also a Filters menu that lets you filter the list (for example, by a payment method or order's status).

You can access an order's details by clicking the order on the list.


The Sales > Returns section gives you a list of all the returns made to the orders. 

Gift cards

In the Sales > Gift cards section, you can see a list of all the gift cards sold to the customers. You can check whether the gift card has any value left and access the order where the gift card was bought.

In gift cards, you can also resend the gift card to the customer or invalidate the gift card. You can access these actions from the bulk actions menu. First, select the gift cards you would like to edit, and then a Bulk action menu will appear above the gift card list.


The Sales > Carts section lists all the orders that are not yet confirmed. The online store creates a cart when a customer puts the first item into the shopping cart. It's quite normal to have many incomplete shopping carts in an online store if the site has a lot of visitors.

The incomplete shopping carts are useful, e.g., when a customer is facing some issues with the order. By opening the shopping cart's details, you can see, what products the customer has in the cart or which payment method the customer has chosen.