Online store's navigations

Instructions for editing the navigation in a Finqu online store.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 27th, 2022

Managing the online store's navigation is divided into these two sections:

  1. You can edit the navigation itself in the section Online store > Navigation.

  2. Later, you can add the navigations to your online store's theme. In most cases, the navigations are preset to the theme's header and footer, so you only need to worry about editing them in Online store > Navigation.

1. Editing navigations

Go to Online store > Navigation and click the navigation you want to edit. Next, you can see the navigation's name, ID, and menu items. Name and ID are visible only to you. The menu items on the page are the actual navigation links that your customers can see in the online store. 

You can search and add almost any content to the navigation, such as product categories, pages, products, and manufacturers. You can also add text to the navigation and links by simply typing the text or link you want to add. 

After making the changes, click the Save button on the top right corner. 

2. Selecting the navigations in the theme editor

When you edit the online store's theme, you can find sections where you can use the navigations you've created. Most often, the navigations are used in the Header and Footer sections.

For example, the Cobi theme's header section has these options: