Editing printouts

In the prints section, you can edit your sales channel's prints (for example, receipt or invoice)

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 21st, 2022

You can manage your printouts in section Settings > Prints and messages > Prints. By default, Finqu includes the following prints:

  • A receipt

  • An invoice

  • A packing list

  • A delivery packing list (contains only the products of a particular delivery)

  • A credit note (for returns)

  • A return form

From the Preview button, you can see how the printout looks. Notice that the preview has only example information. If you want to see the printout with your own information, you can create a test order in Finqu admin and create a printout from the order page.

Editing printouts

There are Translate and Edit functions at the top right corner of the Prints page.

  • The translate button allows you to change the default texts of the printouts, such as headings and info texts.
  • The edit button will open a code view to customize the printout on a code level. You can find more information about editing prints' code on the Finqu Developers site.

Adding custom prints

If the feature is included in your Finqu subscription, you can create new prints by clicking the Add print button on the top right corner. Next, give a name for the print and choose a template. After you have added the new print, it will appear on the list, and you can edit it by clicking its name.