Gift cards

Introduction to gift cards in Finqu.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 20th, 2022

Gift cards in Finqu

Finqu includes a gift card feature for selling gift cards and receiving gift card payments. The system automatically creates a gift card code when a gift card is purchased. The gift receiver can later pay in the store by typing the code into the checkout page's gift card field. If you use Finqu POS, you can type the code on the customer's behalf.


Keep in mind

When you use gift cards, it's essential to know that a gift card should always be sold before customers can pay with it. It's possible to create gift card codes also manually, but they won't work until they have been sold.

Adding gift card products

You can add new gift card products by following the Adding gift card products article. 

Sending gift cards

When a customer has bought a gift card, you can see the gift card code on the order page below the product's name.

You can:

  1. either write that code into a physical gift card and send it to the customer or

  2. let the online store send your customer an automated gift card email.

Read more: Delivering gift cards to customers.

Gift card payment method

In order to receive gift card payments, there should be a gift card payment method added to your online store. 

Monitoring gift cards

You can monitor the usage of gift cards from the Sales > Gift cards section. On that page, you can see whether the customer has used the gift card or not and check if there's any value left on the gift card. 

You can also print out the Unused gift cards' balance report from the Reports section.