Nets terminal connection

Connecting Nets terminal to the Finqu POS App

Written By Miikka Aho

Updated at April 23rd, 2022


This article shows you how to connect the Nets Move 3500 terminal to Finqu POS if all the requirements (iOS device, a wifi network, internet connection, Finqu POS app, and Nets Move 3500 terminal) are set up correctly.

Finqu support might not be able to help with specific issues related to the devices or network. Please get in touch with the device's provider or your local IT support, if you need more assistance setting up the network and devices.

Good to know

  • The integration does not transfer customers' card details from the Nets terminal to Finqu POS at any point. It only sends a confirmation of whether the payment was accepted or not.

  • The integration is available in the Finqu POS app (for iOS devices only). You can download it from Apple's AppStore.

  • The terminal is connected through the internet, so you'll need a working internet connection and a router to use Nets terminal with Finqu POS. 

Here is how you connect the terminal to Finqu POS

  1. Find your local IP address from your iPad/iPhone settings.

  2. Read the merchant card.

  3. Go to 6 Parameters.

  4. Choose 1 Change.

  5. Choose 3 POS.

  6. Check that the settings are set accordingly:
    Kassa: Kyllä
    Komm. typ: IP Wifi
    ECR IP-osoite: iPad/iPhone IP-address

  7. Exit from settings by pressing the red button.

  8. Terminal reboots.

  9. In POS, go to Settings > Devices > Nets.

  10. Choose connect. The app will announce the connection status to be "Connected" if the connection is successful. 

  11. In POS, go to Settings > Payment > Payment Terminal and choose Nets from the list.