Finqu POS payment methods

Get familiar with various payment methods in Finqu POS.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 21st, 2022

The most common payment methods in Finqu POS are cash, card payments, and gift cards. You can also use online payments, where a payment link is sent to the customer's email. 

Adding payment methods

  1. Go to Settings > Payment methods in your POS admin.

  2. Click Add payment method.

  3. Choose the payment method that you want to add.

  4. Fill in the payment method's details and click Save.

Receiving payments in cash

With cash payments, you will need a cash register. Star Micronics mPop is compatible with Finqu POS, and you can attach it by following the instructions in the Setting up Star mPop article.

Gift cards

You can read information about gift cards in the Selling gift cards article. 

Payment service providers

It's also possible to use third-party payment service providers, such as Paypal or Klarna, in Finqu POS. If a customer wants to pay online, a payment link will be sent to their email. Then the customer can confirm the payment on their device. Once the payment is completed, the order will be automatically placed in Finqu POS.

You need a payment app to receive payments online. You can find information about apps in the Using apps article.