Merchant account

Information about Finqu merchant account's settings.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at May 19th, 2022

You can find your Finqu merchant account details by clicking the Account link at the top left corner. On the Account page, you can see information about your Finqu subscription monthly payments and edit the account's general information, such as taxes, languages, or domains.


In the Subscription section, you can see your current Finqu subscription and change it by clicking the Change your plan button on the page.

The Current period section shows you the date of your next monthly Finqu payment and the estimated total sum of the upcoming payment.

In the Payment method section, you can choose how you pay for using Finqu. You can pay manually with a payment link or set up an automatic charge from your debit or credit card.

The Payment transactions section shows you the payments you've already made, and in there, you can also download a receipt of your payment.

Other features in the merchant account

Besides subscription details, there are multiple other features in the account section. Here's a list of all the settings and links to find more specific information about each feature.

  • In the Reports section, you can generate reports. For example, sales reports or inventory value reports.

  • You can manage your sales channels and open new channels in the Sales channels section.

  • The Staff section allows you to manage your staff accounts.

  • In the Settings section, you can access these general settings used in all the sales channels:

    • Customer groups

    • Manufacturers

    • Suppliers

    • Delivery times

    • Return policies

    • Taxes

    • Margin targets

    • Inventories

    • Localization (languages, countries, date / time formatting)

    • Notifications

    • Domains

    • Blogs

  • You can update your merchant account's contact information in the Contact information section.

  • In the My Apps section, you can manage your Finqu applications.

  • The Open chat link open a chat window to Finqu's support

  • The Remote support section lets you allow Finqu support to access your Finqu account's information (if Finqu support has requested access).

  • In the Affiliate program section, you can join Finqu's affiliate program.

  • The Export data section shows you the data you've exported from Finqu.