Customer accounts

You can see your registered customers' details in the Customers section. Here's how you can manage your customer information.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 20th, 2022

In an online store, a customer can create an account where they can see their previous orders and edit contact details. Accounts can also be created in Finqu POS, if customer wants to. You can access your customer information in the Customers > Customer accounts section. 

Searching and filtering customers

You can search for customers by using the search bar on top of the customer list. From the Filters menu, you can filter customers that, for example, speak a certain language.

If you click a customer's name on the list, you can:

  • Edit customer's contact details.

  • Send password reset instructions to the customer.

  • See customer's order history.

  • Attach the customer to a customer group.

Creating customer accounts

If customers want, you can also create accounts on their behalf. You can do that by clicking Add customer.