Volume discount

A volume discount campaign allows you to add discounts based on the order's total sum.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 21st, 2022

A volume discount is based on the total sum of the order. You can set limits to the campaign, and if a limit is exceeded, the campaign will add the discount to the customer's order. 

How to add a volume discount

  1. Go to Campaigns > Add a campaign.

  2. Choose Volume discount from the Campaign type menu.

  3. Choose a Status for the campaign (pink = on, grey = off).

  4. Choose the discount type (a percentage or a fixed amount).

  5. Set a date range to the From and To fields when you want the campaign to be valid.

  6. Set up the discounts in the Pricing section.
    - First, set the minimum price into the When the cart total is at least field.
    - After that, set the discount into the then the discount is field.
    - You can add several discounts by clicking Add row.

  7. Set the Restrictions to the campaign. You can limit the campaign to work only in specific sales channels, customer groups, or countries. 

  8. Click Save.