The Consignor app connects your store to several logistics companies. It provides the shipping methods to the checkout page and allows you to print shipping labels in Finqu admin.


  1. Installing the app

  2. Filling in the credentials

  3. Adding the shipping methods

  4. Creating shipping labels

Installing the app

First, you need to install the Consignor app in Finqu's app store. For more details, see the How to use apps article.

Filling in the credentials

When the app is installed, you'll be redirected to the Consignor app, where you can fill in Consignor's credentials (Shipment server / Shipadvisor). Consignor provides you these credentials when you make an agreement with them.

Adding the shipping methods

When the app is all set up, you can add shipping methods to your store. Follow the instructions on the Setting up shipping methods article.

Creating shipping labels

The consignor app allows you to print shipping labels in Finqu admin. You can create them when you fulfill orders in the sales section.

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