The Smartpost app provides Posti's pickup-points to your online store's checkout page.

Note: You can use Posti's services also through other logistics apps, such as Pakettikauppa, Shipit, Shipfunk, Consignor, or Unifaun. If you are using one of those, you don't necessarily need the Smartpost app.


  1. Installing the app

  2. Adding the Smartpost shipping method

Installing the app

You can install the Smartpost app in Finqu's App store. You can read more information about apps in the How to use apps article.

Adding the Smartpost shipping method

After the app is installed, you can add Posti's Smartpost shipping method to your store. Just follow the instructions on the Setting up shipping methods article.

In the Smartpost shipping method, you can also make these additional choices that are not available in other shipping methods:

  • The maximum number of pickup-points listed on the checkout page.

  • What type of pickup-points are shown. You can choose one or more of the following types:
    - Post offices
    - Smartpost (parcel lockers)
    - Pickup-points (smaller pickup points with limited customer service)
    - Lockers (parcel lockers with limited access, e.g., located in an apartment building's staircase)

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