Pakettikauppa app connects your store to multiple carriers and their shipping services.

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About Pakettikauppa

You can read more about Pakettikauppa on their website at

Setting up Pakettikauppa

1. Install the app

  1. Click on the Install app button.

  2. Click on Pakettikauppa.

  3. Click the Install app button.

  4. The app needs access to your Finqu account. Click the Allow access button to continue installing the app.

2. Enter your credentials / Subscribe to Pakettikauppa

After the app is installed, you will be taken to the Pakettikauppa app, where you can:

  • Order Pakettikauppa's service from the Open a new account section.

  • If you have used Pakettikauppa before and have an account there, you can fill in your credentials on the Do you already have an account? section further down on the page.

3. Install shipping methods

  1. Click the Add shipping method button.

  2. Click on the shipping method you want to install. If you do not see any shipping methods, click the Reinstall Shipping Methods button on the app's page.

  3. Fill in the delivery method details.

  4. Click the Save button.

For more detailed instructions on setting the delivery charges, click here.

Pakettikauppa app's settings

After you have installed Pakettikauppa app, you can edit its settings by going to Settings > Apps > Shipit.

  • In the Account details section, you can see your Pakettikauppa credentials or go to Pakettikauppa's admin pages by clicking the Pakettikauppa admin button on the top right-hand corner.

  • The Re-install shipping methods button allows you to fetch the shipping methods again from Pakettikauppa. That might be necessary if the shipping methods were not correctly installed during the app's installation, and you're not able to see them when you add new shipping methods in your online store's backend.

  • Into the Bank account number / BIC code, you can fill in your bank account details if you're using Posti's cash on delivery service or Matkahuolto's similar service (when a customer pays for the products while picking up the delivery from the carrier).

  • Testmode, no live shippings will be created setting allows you to switch Pakettikauppa into a test mode where you can test how it works without creating real deliveries.

  • Show only the following carriers when creating a shipping label setting lets you limit the carrier/shipping service list on the fulfillment page. This might speed up the Pakettikauppa app because it doesn't have to fetch all the shipping methods from Pakettikauppa every time you make a delivery.

Creating shipping labels

Pakettikauppa app also allows you to create shipping labels in Finqu admin. You can create them while you are fulfilling orders or creating shipments.

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