Updating customer's details

Here's how you can update registered customers' details in Finqu admin.

Written By Finqu Tuki

Updated at April 21st, 2022

Usually, customers can update their information themselves in the online store, but you might need to change the information on their behalf in some cases.

How to edit the information

  1. Go to Customers > Customer accounts.

  2. Find and open the customer's information.

  3. Edit the details and click Save.

Customer's details

In the Basic information section, you can edit the basic information (Name, address, city, postcode, country, email, and phone number).

If the customer has a company, you can fill in the Company information (company name, business ID, and VAT ID).

You can select the customer's language and currency in the Localization section.

In the Login section, you can see the customer's username, and if necessary, you can send instructions to the customer on how to change the password. More information about customers' user names and passwords is on the Customer's user name and password article.

In the Additional information section, you can see some statistics about the customer (sales channel, order count, the date of the latest order, and return count). You can also add the customer to the newsletter subscribers list, but remember that sending newsletters requires consent from the customer in most cases.

In the Linked customer accounts section, you can link customer accounts, which is a helpful feature if the customer happens to have several accounts in the same store.

In the Customer groups section, you can attach customers to customer groups.